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                            nada's leading centre of expertise on energy and environmental law and policy.


                            The nadian Institute of Resources Law (CIRL) is a leading national centre of expertise on energy and environmental policy and law issues relating to Alberta's energy and natural resources. Since its establishment in 1979, the Institute has developed an international reputation for excellence in resources, energy and environmental law, and pursues a three-fold mandate to undertake research, edution and publition activities on energy and the environment.?

                            Environment in the Courtroom Symposiums


                            Papers and videos from the annual Environment in the Courtroom symposium.

                            Resources: A publition by the nadian Institute of Resources Law

                            Resources: A CIRL Publition

                            "Resources" provides commentary on matters of current concern in natural resources law and policy.

                            Other publitions by CIRL


                            Explore our variety of publitions on natural resources and environmental law.


                            Meet our team

                            Meet our researchers and affiliated faculty.

                            Meet the team

                            Upcoming events

                            In the News

                            Professor published in Dalhousie Law Journal 42:2

                            Professor Rudiger Tscherning has published an article in the Dalhousie Law Journal...

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                            In the News: Financial Post

                            With its legal hurdles all but cleared, Trans Mountain's challenges move to a different court — the street

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                            In the News: Edmonton Journal

                            Varcoe: Finally, there's hope that Trans Mountain isn't doomed to death by delay

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                            Professor's LLM thesis cited in ABQB decision

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